Anyone stumbling over this site for the last five years will have noticed that it has been suffering from a distinct lack of updates. The reasons for this are many and complex, but the most important is the time required to maintain a hand coded, image heavy site. While I've taken plenty of photos of derelict and abandoned places and spaces over the last half-decade I just haven't been able to find the time to clean them up, resize them, and link them into the site.

So I've taken the decision to close down Abandoned in Perth in it's current form. It's been a fun experiment and led to a number of interesting interactions with the Urbex community at large (including collaboration with a local artist and requests for comment by the media) but its (ironically) derelict state has become just too much of an embarrasment. Not to mention that several of the locations I've profiled have been either demolished or restored, causing disappointment and annoyance to people who go out of their way to visit them. So the time has come to call in the bulldozers and put the site to rest.

Don't panic though! Abandoned in Perth lives on through the good graces of photo sharing and management site Flickr, where you can see all the photos previously posted here, plus a whole load more. Flickr has the features (such as they were) of the original site plus many more, so go check it out - either through the main link below, or the icon links to specific sections.

Here's to a brand new era!

==The New Abandoned in Perth==