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HOST: Let's hear it for our special guest today, a perfectly ordinary goat! AUDIENCE: Applause HOST: So Mr Goat, may I call you Mr Goat? GOAT: Maaaa! HOST: Great, so then Mr Goat... I thought 'what the heck, I'll keep the goat'

OK, I've finally got around to replacing the quick and dirty contact page that's been hanging around here for ages with this quick and dirty form which should hopefully protect my new email address from evil spammers, malicious internet gnomes and the Bavarian Illuminati (in that order).

If you want to contact me about anything, fill it out, click the "Send" button, and your message will be forwarded to a small mental asylum in Bolivia, the inmates of which will print it out and send it to me via carrier pigeon (Please note: messages may be delayed by hawks, the El Niño, and the machinations of Dirk Dastardly).