The Entirely Unofficial and Probably Fairly
Dodgy Tackleford Map

A map of the Fictional English City of Tackleford - the Setting
for John Allison's Scary Go Round (and Bobbins)

Tackleford UK and Environs

Initially based upon the following quote from John Allison (dating from the Bobbins days)...

"Bobbins is set in Tackleford, a cathedral city just north of the Midlands. Shelley and Holly live in Hoopleton, just outside Tackleford. Rich lives in the swanky Tackleford suburb of Keane End. Tim lives in Clough, which is near the city centre, as does Amy. Elliot lives in Coward Cross, just up the road from Keane End. Fallon lives in the south of the city by the canal, in Beckerton. Pickering lives in the lovely village of Nether Fenton: five minutes drive out of Hoopleton."

(The standard Bobbins/Scary Go Round disclaimer applies here - nothing in Bobbins applies to Scary Go Round until John A. says it does. But it's a useful starting point.)

Enhanced and generally mucked about with to incoporate information from the printed Scary Go Round collections Looks, Brains and Everything and Heavy Metal Hearts and Flowers, and whatever bits of the Scary Go Round archives I've got around to reviewing so far.

A Seriously Incomplete and Highly Selective Listing of the Many
Features and Attractions of Tackleford