The Tales of the Geek Underclass Introduction

The Tales of the Geek Underclass

Welcome to the Tales.

These are the stories of my high school years, and what I failed to do with them. The time when I was King of all the Geeks. Those far off days when Windows 3.1.1 was new and exciting, no one outside of MIT had heard of the Internet, and happy pants were the newest thing in fashion. The years 1989 to 1993.

The setting for these tales, St Francis Xavier's Catholic College, is a real place. All of the people in these stories exist - although I reserve the right to have exagerated them out of all recognition. Similarly all of the events described are related as they happened, or at least as I remember them happening, or as I was told that they happened. Exageration for comic effect has been employed where appropriate but basically as far as I know everything related is true. If I have some facts wrong, I apologise, it's either my memories or informants who are at fault.

To protect the innocent (ie: me) from retribution, lawsuits or other excitements, all names of people, places and institutions have been changed. Details hinting at the school's location have been somewhat altered, and descriptions of the school itself scrambled. It would be a trivial task to figure out what education institution St Francis's represents - particularly if you attended it - but that's not the point. These stories (mostly) aren't intended to mock or ridicule, they've just been written to share some of the crazy things that we all go through during our high school years, and hopefully provide a laugh.

So with that in mind, enjoy these Tales of the Geek Underclass

-- Denys P. Wyrm

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