Zurvár Language and Culture - Introduction

A Takal
The Takal - traditional symbol of the Zurvár people

Zurvár (or 'Surfarian' as is it sometimes know) is the language of the venerable, probabatialy nomadic Zurvár people. While it has been spoken in some form for at least 1000 years (the earliest known records dating back to 1002 AD) it has only become generally known to mon meneq (humans) over the last 30 years - since the settlement of Zurvár Arèáná ('Surfaria') in the 1960's.

This website is maintained by the Institute for Zurvár studies, currently Earth's leading body in Zurvár and Zurvár related research. While the financial situation of the Institute has improved since the dark days of the late 90's (thanks in large to the generosity of Señor José Deñgalès of Asunción, Paraguay) it is still somewhat precarious. This requires an over-reliance on the work of volunteers and - even worse - undergraduates from the linguistic departments of nearby colleges and universities. As a result we are currently unable to present all of our research in online format, and cannot guarantee that that which has been put online hasn't been corrupted by typographical errors, absent mindedness, sloppy formatting, or as some kind of purile student joke.

Our financial status also makes it impossible for us to provide field researchers on Zurvár Arèáná with more than token funding, a situation that results in a depressing number either dropping out of sight or doing so well in their efforts to support themselves that they quit linguistics entirely in favour of sitting on the beachfront in Gorat Bárkalif Ganalû drinking mon daqirè while the money rolls in. The few who persevere tend to do so either through extreme eccentricity or sheer bloody mindedness - qualities that naturally affect both the quality and frenquency of their reports. The worst trash is generally weeded out of their submissions before being posted to this website, however the accuracy of this information cannot be relied upon until confirmed by follow-up research.

UPDATE: The Institute is pleased to announce that as of November 2005 the Garþoaq family of Gorat Karaþ Dárgurn has generously offered us part time use of one of their sponge harvesting fleet. In return for a steady supply of CSI episodes on VHS, we have been given access to the Lòtò Grisum and her crew during the off season. This will allow us not only much greater scope in our research but give us a chance to track down some of our more recalcitrant field researchers. Between November and February the location of the Grisum will be indicated by the blue boat icon on the map below.

Zurvár Arèáná (Surfaria)
City Flag of Gorat Bárkalif Ganalû
Gorat Bárkalif Ganalû
City Flag of Gorat Mìam Doráþû
Gorat Mìam Doráþû
City Flag of Gorat Sûlbarn Hì
Gorat Sûlbarn Hì
City Flag of Gorat Balzad Zurvárurn
Gorat Balzad Zurvárurn
City Flag of Gorat Karaþ Dárgurn
Gorat Karaþ Dárgurn
City Flag of Gorat Bármárgiv
Gorat Bármárgiv
City Flag of Gorat Mantábon Dìaz
Gorat Mantábon Dìaz
City Flag of Gorat mon Dìad Mantábon
Gorat mon Dìad Mantábon
Unofficial Flag of Pùlost Yestur
Pùlost Yestur
(Unofficial Flag)
Gorat Bárkalif Ganalû Gorat Mìam Doráþû Gorat Sûlbarn Hì Gorat Balzad Zurvárurn Gorat Karaþ Dárgurn Gorat Bármárgiv Gorat Mantábon
Gorat mon
Dìad Mantábon
Pùlost Yestur
GrissomZurvár Arèáná
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