...to quote the immortal Zero Wing. Well I decided that after how-ever-many-years-it-was time that Wyrmworld got a makeover to bring it in line with this brave new century of ours. After all I'm making a living as a professional web designer/master/developer/jack-of-all-trades, my personal website - regardless of how rarely I update it these days - should look somewhat funky and modern and at least attempt to be standards compliant. So it's goodbye to frames and bloated gif files of pseudo-kirlian handprints, and hello to nice, clean CSS layout. I hope.



Most of it's still over there on the sidebar. Naturally I've dumped some of it because it was just plain stupid or so out of date as to be rendered pointless. But 90% of the old Wyrmworld site is still here. You've just got to be willing to look for it.




...so you want to know what the deal is eh? OK, this is my personal website, which means I stick whatever the heck I feel like up here. Prior to 2000 when I was gleefully unemployed - firstly as a student then as a 'job seeker' on Government benefits - and living at home, the site got updated with new stuff on at least a weekly basis. These days I'm no longer living at home and I'm gainfully employed (nominally as a web designer, but we're a small company so I do plenty of coding, troubleshooting and client support as well), so I don't have anywhere near as much time to work on my own personal projects. Hence Wyrmworld proper is very rarely updated these days.




Time for the 10c tour then. Well firstly there's a few sub-sites. The Wyrmlog is my weblog where you can find out what I'm up to, what I'm reading, what TV shows I'm watching, what CDs I'm spinning, which politicians, pop-stars or other public figures are annoying me this week, which completely unobtainable woman I currently have a crush on, and all the other insignificant minutiae of my life. When I update it that is. You can probably count on an update at least once a week, or every two weeks when it's hot.

Next are the Tales of the Geek Underclass, the terrifying stories of my five years at a certain Catholic high school who's name shall remain anonymous (or at least changed to protect both the innocent and guilty). People (or at least some people) seem to think they're pretty funny, so go check them out if you're so inclined. I must by the way apologise for their layout - they badly need a complete redesign. Another one of those projects I never have time for anymore.

The Gateroom is the Stargate SG-1 section of the site (non-geeks tune out here :). Mostly it's some fanfic I wrote some years back. Some extremely stupid fanfic. Extremely stupid in the sense that I intended it to be stupid - they're comedies. Please note that unlike many fanfic authors I can actually write, spell and use punctuation correctly, and there's not a Mary-Sue/Marty-Stu to be seen, so please don't be put off by any other SG1-fic you may have read (oh, and I'm not a shipper, unless you count maybe Me/Jacqueline Samuda ;-). There's also a rather stupid shockwave animation and a few other bits and pieces. The entire Gateroom also needs a redesign - it's on the list right after the Tales.

Arguably even more geeky that the Gateroom is The Beginner's Guide to Zurvár. Zurvár is my language, that is the language that I create and detail in my spare time. This isn't quite as weird as it may sound, there are a lot of people worldwide doing exactly the same thing, and only a small number of them are pathetic, socially excluded nerds hiding from the sun in their basements. In any case Zurvár is my attempt, you should check it out if only for the spectacularly un-funny linguistic gag about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Finally there's my latest project The Wild Southwest, a non-system specific role-playing setting based in the southwest of Western Australia 80 years after a worldwide nuclear war. It's a bit steampunk, a bit western, and a bit weird, but my players seem to enjoy it, which is the main thing. Resources to run your own Wild Southwest campaign are being uploaded as I make them, so if you're looking for something a bit different for your post-apocalyptic role-playing check it out (and watch out for drop-bears).

The Interactive section of the sidebar contains a bunch of stuff that you can play with, including the apparently quite popular (among Vampire: The Masquerade players anyway) Camarilla Test. The Writings section links to various articles, stories and other such distractions penned by your humble host, like this play. Detritus is the catch-all for fairly stupid and inane content that I couldn't justifiably fit anywhere else, such as this recipe for chicken soup or a map of the completely fictitious English town of Tackleford.




Me? No one special. Just your average web-geek. I'm 31 years old, currently reside in Perth, Western Australia. I'm about 5'9", need to lose a fair bit of weight and enjoy short moonlit walks to the nearest bookstore, CD shop or place that sells Pringles (yes ladies! He's single!). I tend to wear black a lot, just to worry people who worry about people who wear black. For over a decade now I've gone by the name of Denys the Purple Wyrm, a reference to an obscure and long defunct public radio show called Steregoround. I was cursed by a Gypsy as a baby, which I feel explains a lot about my life. My ancestors fought at Culloden, sailed with Cook, and may or may not have been involved with a regicide and a certain three witches. If you need to know more, consult the Wyrmlog or the Tales :)


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Denys P. Wyrm