Welcome to the The Wild Southwest - A post-apocalyptic, Western Australian role playing setting.


The characters are a team of Mercenary Couriers - they'll get your goods to their destination regardless of sleet or slavers, bandits or bandicoots. In the course of a delivery to Borden they stumbled over a body - and have found themselves caught up in something apparently much larger than they expected...

The Wild Southwest

Kalgoorlie Boulder: A proud Bordenite with a healthy disdain of anything to do with the Southern States. He drinks too much, has a basic dislike of people and a loud mouth. Despite this he often finds himself acting as the leader of the team.

First Sergeant Jacob Connor of the Porongurup Rangers (Retired): An 'eccentric' former member of the Porongurup State military. While his unshakable belief in drop bears, dirty great pipe and habit of smelling his own armpits are all highly irritating, his military experience has proved invaluable.

Kevin Kiara: An easygoing but very nosy D'Entrecasteauxan with a habit of 'acquiring' things left lying around. Possibly has a mysterious past - but then possibly doesn't. Recently left the group after receiving an urgent letter - the details of which he declined to disclose.

Doctor Daley Vines: The team's medic, trained at the Albany hospital. Insists on shaving his head, for reasons he keeps to himself. The respect he garners as a Doctor has proved useful to the group on numerous occasions, as have his medical skills.

Marcus: A mysterious loner who values his privacy. A recent addition to the group who is yet to show his full agenda.

The Wild Southwest
The Wild Southwest