Welcome to the The Wild Southwest - A post-apocalyptic, Western Australian role playing setting.

The Setting

Is there Magic?

Well naturally, anyone who can do some fancy card tricks and pull a numbat out of a hat will be able to draw a good crowd and... oh, hang on, you mean spells right? Well no, there are no wizards, and priests are far more interested in looking after their flocks (or lining their pockets) than praying for miracles that don't come. The setting is the real world we live in today, plus an apocalyptic worldwide war and 80 odd years. No magic.

What about Psionics?


But I saw this movie once where nuclear radiation gave people psychic powers...

You saw a movie?! Good for you! No.

The Wild Southwest

The Game

So what inspired this whole southwest thing?

The Origins page provides the history and prehistory of the setting in excruciating detail.

What system do you run the game under?

I use a fast and loose version of GURPS 3rd edition - and when I say fast and loose I mean it. I concentrate on storytelling and making sure the players have a good time, not on what it says in paragraph five, page fifty-two of the Heavy Weapons Guide. As far as I'm concerned the rules aren't rules - they're vague guidelines to be modified and discarded at whim. The only time I go rules heavy is in combat, and even then I've got a bunch of custom rules in place of the GURPS system. Basically I use GURPS for character creation, and a few rules here and there as needed. Anything else is optional.

GURPS? Doesn't that mean everyone's an alcholic cripple with one eye and the shakes?

Well, yes, all the characters have Disadvantages. But I only insist on them being played where they have a significant impact. The rest of the time they're just in the background. Of course, voluntarily playing Disadvantages can earn certain rewards from the GM...

The Wild Southwest


What the heck is that 'Borden' coin up the top meant to show?

It's a view of the northern side of Bluff Knoll - as depicted on the Borden flag.

And 'Southern Union'?

That's the Southern Union Telegraphic Office in Albany - located in the old town hall.

What about the ring pulls down the side?

If you've read some of the answers above you'll recall that ring pulls are the standard currency of the Southwest (and you'll recall what that idea is a tribute to).

Where did the name 'Wild Southwest' come from?

The name 'Wild Southwest' was spontaneously created by my good friend Justin. I was explaining the setting to him, and suggested it had some similarities to the wild west. "The wild southwest" he responded. I've used the title ever since.

I've been to [insert place name here] and it's nothing like how you describe it!

Well firstly, a global nuclear conflict and 80 years of history can change things a lot. Secondly, I don't live anywhere near most of the places described, so I have to extrapolate (ie: guess). Thirdly, it's a game. Get over it.

Hunting whales is wrong!

Agreed. But a few points to consider. In the nuclear winter, what was left of Albany's government had to find food and fuel for thousands of refugees. When hundreds of people are freezing to death on a weekly basis, moral qualms tend to fall by the wayside. By the time the games are set - decades later - the oceans have pretty much cleansed themselves. The whales have bounced back and are doing better than they have for hundreds of years. Furthermore we're not talking a fleet of mechanised factory ships with explosive harpoons - the whales are hunted from small boats and the harpoons are thrown alá Moby Dick. About 30 whales are caught each year (from a population of thousands), and a dozen or so whalers typically lose their lives in exchange. And finally, if you're still seething with outrage, it's a game. Get over it.

The Wild Southwest
The Wild Southwest