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The Wild Southwest

December 7th 2007

Well, after months of delay we've got our collective selves together and are playing a game. This Sunday the adventures of Kalgoorlie Boulder, Jake 'Bullet' Connor, Dr Daley Vines and newcomer 'Marcus' finally continue!

In honour of this prestigious occasion I've uploaded the latest version of the Google Maps file, now including the telegraph network.

Enjoy, and expect a write up of the team's latest adventures soon.

The Wild Southwest

October 10th 2007

Currently under development...

  • Printable Map of the Radlands.
  • Flags and insignia of the Southern States and their military forces.
  • Adding the Telegraph System to the Google Earth file - this is a lengthy job and will take quite a while.
  • Fees and charges for Telegraph services across the Southwest (so you know how much to hit your players up for when they want to cable someone).
  • A 'Resources' page for the site, providing links to useful websites.

I ain't got no timeline on when any of these will be completed, so bite your tongues and hold your Aurochs.

The Wild Southwest

October 5th 2007

Great news! The technicians at Southern Union (by which I mean the guys at the local computer shop) have managed to recover all the missing data from a DVD backup they made before repairing the machine. Crisis over and setting back on track!

The Wild Southwest

October 3rd 2007

The setting has suffered a major blow this week as - due to the follow-on effects of a failed CPU fan - all materials relating to it have been wiped from my computer (along with a whole load of other important stuff). All is not lost as this website is alive and well, hard copies exist of most of the important information and the rest is safely ensconsed in my brain. It'll just take a fair bit of time (and scanning, and OCR work) to get it all back into digital format.

It's a tired old story, but make sure you have backups of everything!

The Wild Southwest

September 24th 2007

Thought I'd better set up an Updates page just to prove that the setting is actually being worked on. We should be having another game session soon, at which point The Adventure will be updated. In the meantime a map of the Radlands is under preparation and the Google Earth file has had some significant updates.

The Wild Southwest
The Wild Southwest