Welcome to the The Wild Southwest - A post-apocalyptic, Western Australian role playing setting.


A short list of people without whom the Wild Southwest (and this website) would not exist


The actors striding the stage of the Wild Southwest...

  • Kalgoorlie Boulder - Fabian O
  • Former First Sergeant Jacob Connor - Ryan C
  • Kevin Kiara - Jean, Nat E
  • Dr Daley Vines - Michael E, Juan
  • Marcus - Mat S.


  • Justin A - Justin is the inventor of the phrase "Wild Southwest". The setting would exist without it, but it wouldn't have anywhere near as fancified a name.
  • Hank Shiffman - Hank Shiffman kindly provided permission to use his photograph of the Albany Town Hall - seen in the header of every page on this site. Many more of his photographs from dozens of countries can be seen at his website - www.disordered.org - which is well worth a look.
The Wild Southwest
The Wild Southwest